1970 426 HEMI 727 Automatic
Road Runner 
1 of 16 Ever BUILT!

In 1970 Plymouth did everything right. They
took a car that was becoming legendary and gave
it even more life.

 The 1969 Road Runner was Motor Trend's Car of the Year.
Plymouth had to do something to bring you
back and buy their Newer and Better
1970 Road Runner. They Restyled the Fenders,
Quarters, Hood, Grill Etc.; Added more options,
Rallye Instrumentation, Functional Cold
Air Induction that made Red Lights
on the Turnpike more intimidating to the

Black and Silver are the only two colors you will find on this Road Runner.

Plymouth added more graphics &
High Impact Colors to keep the Road Runner image
Alive & Healthy. The end result was a Wilder,
Crazier, Even More Stout  Road Runner that
fit comfortably in the New Rapid Transit System.

Getting the Road Runner Ready For The Adirondack Nationals
The Healthiest Running Bird in 1970 was
the Hemi Road Runner. Equipped with
a 727 Hemi Automatic and 3.55 Gears, you
could run the Pike and collect your
competitors one by one.
The only problem was keeping the Bird tuned
to prey on the competition. Well, that was
not a problem for this Bird. You see, the
previous owner made sure this Bird was
never second on race day.

This Road Runner was ordered with
the Famous 426 Hemi Mill, 727 Hemi
Automatic Transmission, Wood Grain Wheel,
Rear Defogger, AM-8 Track, Tic Toc Tac,
F-70x15 Polyglas mounted on 15x7 Rallye Wheels,
Air Grabber Hood, Bench Seat & Tinted Glass.
Best E/T to Date November 4th 2006 11.9000 @ 117 MPH
At- Stock Appearing Drags, E-Town NJ

This Road Runner is the only Black Road Runner built with a
426 Hemi and Automatic. It also has race history to go with it.

This Road Runner was once owned by Tep Thompson. Ted raced in the Stock
class and took this Road Runner all the way to many final round victories in upper
state New York. Ted changed the Road Runner's color to B-3 blue back in the day.
You see everything Ted owns is B-3. Plus the dusty pits did not lend well to Black Paint.

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