2011 Dodge Ram 2500HD
Mega Cab
6.7 H/O Cummins

In 1996 I purchased a new Ram 5.9 12 Valve Cummins, and proceeded to tell my wife,
Sharleen, that it was going to be last truck I would ever need to buy. Well, I lied!

The time has come to buy a new Ram, not because I wore
 out my Old Ram, but because I was just as worried about my Ram
as I was my Show or Race Car when I attended an event, it's offically a Classic!

I spent just as much time cleaning and detailing the Ram as I did my show car.
So the hunt was on for the right Ram for Ralphs Rapid Transit.
I looked at new and decided I wasn't spending 70K on a Ram.

The more I looked, the more i didn't want a new truck. I started
my search for a pre DEF truck. While searching through Craigslist I
 came across this 2011 Ram and loved everything about it. The search was over.

This Cummins will never need the contents that's in this truck!