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1955 Dodge 
Royal Lancer Custom

55 Dodge Flashes Ahead in Style!

1955 was the year of a complete styling turn-around for Chrysler,
a styling renaissance led by Virgil Exner.

Following World War II, the American car-buying public purchased everything
on wheels, so that the relatively stodgy Chrysler cars were successful in
spite of their looks and shape. Sales in 1953 began to tell the bad news
and by 1954 car sales were down.

 Virgil Exner’s “Forward Look,”
advertised as the “Hundred Million Dollar Look,”
debuted in 1955, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales,
with styling years ahead of the competition.


The 1955 Dodge had a 120 inch wheelbase and a length of 212.1 inches 6.6 inches
longer than the 1954 Dodge). The Dodge had flair, with a wraparound
windshield and clean lines.

The flagships of the Dodge line were the Custom Royals, sold as two door hardtops,
four door sedans, and two door convertibles.

The Custom Royal Lancer has chrome rear fins, like the
1954 Custom Royal. The Custom series also has unique taillight
bezels and backup light bezels and a deluxe interior.


Body Type Two Door Hardtop
Engine Size 270-2V CI SUPER RED RAM HEMI
Horse Power 183 HP
Transmission Type 2 Spd Dodge PowerFlite Automatic

Options on this 1955 Dodge are the
* 270-2v CI Red Ram Hemi Engine with 183 HP
* 2 Spd Dodge PowerFlite Automatic Transmission
*Flite Control Dash with complete instrumentation
*Town and Country 8 Tube AM Radio
*Mopar Accessories Cruise Control
*Mopar Accessories Fender Skirts
*Tricolor Paint