1965 Belvedere II
A/FX Altered Wheelbase
426 HEMI Auto
Fabrication Moving the Rear Wheels Forward 15 inches
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We started with a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II, as many of the Race Teams Like Ronnie Sox,
Bill Flynn and Jerry Styles did. Our car was owned by a Little Old Lady From Old Saybrook CT

Billy first removed the floor pan and 15 inches in front of the rear wheels, He then used the template
 he made when he altered FlashBack and removed the correct amount of floor.

Once the floor section was cut out He Moved the rear forward 15 inches.

The Rear Frame rails were extended and as the Factory instructed, a sheet metal cover was welded
 in and connected the rear of the car to the original floor pan
. The rear frame rails were then boxed in.

There you have it. Rear wheels moved forward 15 inches, Billy made sure
through the altering that the car was aligned properly.

Frame was boxed and connected for extra rigidity as per the build instruction.

The Floor Pan and wheel wells are welded into place.

The Next Step was to install the Factory New Quarter Panels after they were altered.

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