1966 Dodge C600 Swing Nose
361-4V 5 Spd.

In 1966, Chrysler Corporation was a full-line manufacturer,
making boats, house/business air conditioners, school buses, tanks,
missiles, rockets, and motor homes. It should come as no surprise to you
that Dodge also made heavy duty trucks. There were two truck lines for 1966,
the C series and the L series, The D series trucks came later in 1969.

The C series trucks often referred to as “LCF” (low cab forward,
since they had a relatively low cab and the engine was under a traditional hood),
they ranged from the C500 to the CNT900.

The C series trucks had vacuum hydraulic brakes; air brakes were optional on Gas trucks.
They also had a drive-shaft-mounted, Orscheln-lever parking brake. Their Gas engines
 were unlike what they used in the production car line, they were industrial built,
their intake valves were made of Slichrome XB steel; exhaust valves were sodium-filled,
Stellite-faced, and all had rotating caps. The engine also had trimetal main and
connecting rod bearings; induction-hardened crankshaft journals; shot-peened, drop-forged
crankshafts; chrome-alloy, cast-iron blocks; chrome-plated top compression rings with cast iron
ring groove inserts; water-heated intake manifolds; and hydraulic valve lifters.

The air cleaner was a heavy-duty, one-quart oil bath unit, and
oil filters were two quarts in size; the 361-3, included a 4-barrel carburetor.
Gasoline engines used five-speed transmissions (New Process 541) and a two speed rear end.

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