1967 GTX 426 Hemi Auto

The one that almost got away.

In 1967 Plymouth introduced the GTX with the all new 440 RB Wedge Mill. This all new 440 Wedge proved to be very popular, thanks to an engine featuring a hydraulic cam and a Carter single four-barrel for induction. Unlike the finicky solid-lifter cam Hemi, the 440 wedge made for easier cruising and easy tuning. Additionally, the same type of bolt on aftermarket parts made a 440 GTX very fast, capable of mid to high 13-second quarter miles, keeping base with a not so tuned 426 Hemi.

The 1967 GTX that Plymouth produced was so popular that Plymouth expanded its Muscle Car program in 1968 to include the new Roadrunner, a stripped down, cheaper version of the better appointed “Gentleman’s Muscle Car” that the GTX was promoted as in print and TV ads.

The Plymouth GTX would have a run of just 5 years, ending in 1971 as a stand alone model. In 1972 the GTX was an option on the very popular Road Runner. The suffering declining sales in the face of new government regulations on emissions and the rise in gasoline prices ended the Road Runner GTX option in 1974.

Few muscle cars of the day had the looks and the get up and go as a 1967 GTX. Built on the Plymouth Belvedere platform of 1966.

New Jersey based 1967 426 Hemi GTX was part of Ralph's Rapid Transit Collection in 1993. This GTX saw many trips to Englishtown's Raceway Park, Atco Dragway and Island Dragway back in the day. With only 13000. original miles. Originally Finished in 881 Bright Blue Metalic with EE1 Dark Blue Interior that is still in excellent original condition.   

In the early 70's the GTX was parked after a wreck that damaged the Hood, Front Valance, Drivers Fender and Door. The original Hemi was pulled and sent to the machine shop for rebuilding.

When I purchased the GTX in 1993 the Hemi was not available for purchase. In 2001 I recieved a call from a friend that had eyes on the Hemi and was told I could purchase the Hemi if I wanted to. I decided to purchase the original Hemi and complete the rebuild.

I pulled my original 440 out of my 1967 GTX and installed the Hemi with hopes of one day reuniting it with its original GTX pictured here.

 Through the years I remained in contact with the person I sold the GTX to. Always waiting for the day I would possibly have the chance to purchase the GTX back. In the Fall of 2021 the call came. "I'm ready to sell the GTX back to you" We connected and the deal was finalized.

Look for the restoration of this Original #'s 426 Hemi GTX to start in the fall of 2022.

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