1968 Road Runner
383-4v Road Runner Engine 4 Spd.
The Missing Link!

In 1968 Plymouth introduced a new coupe. With hardtop styling, 2 door sedan
lightness and rigidity, This new Plymouth would go down in history
as being the most ingenious car concept to ever come out of Detroit.

In 1968 the Road Runner was introduced as the bargain muscle car.
The Road Runner had the punch needed to win the weekend stop light to stop light drag race.

Many of these Road Runners were ordered by dealers as sales bank cars. What this simply meant- order
it as cheap as possible so we can sell it at the advertised price. Besides the Base model in 1968, you could
also order your Road Runner with the very powerful 426 HEMI in an Automatic and a 4spd.

Also in 1968, if you knew the right boxes to check and questions to ask, you could order your
Road Runner with the 383 Road Runner
engine and a very special package
coded as the Performance Axle Pack.
With this package you got the 383 Road Runner Engine,
Heavy Duty
cooling and heavy duty leaf springs with a sure grip 3.55 gear in an 8.75 Rear End housing.

Note the 26 Radiator Yoke.

This 1968 Road Runner was originally ordered with this very rare Axle Performance Package,
The Famous Road Runner
Engine, a 4 Spd A833 Transmission and a 3.55 Axle Package.
Manual Steering and Manual 11 inch Brakes made it stop on a Dime. The Stripped down
bench interior and coupe body
style kept the weight off this Road Runner.


This Road Runner was Ordered in SS1 Sun Fire Yellow
with a Black performance hood stripe and Black side accent stripe.
Chrome Road Wheels with White Streak F-70x14 kept this
Road Runner glued to the Road.

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