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1971 GTX 440+6BBL 
Super Trak Pak Automatic

Sassy-est GTX Ever!

When introduced in 1967, the GTX, nicknamed
the Boss, was Plymouth's  stand alone flagship
musclecar equipped with the most cubic inches (440ci.)
and torque (390) of any of the mills offered by Ford or GM.
The 1967 GTX took no prisoners on the 1320 and the local pike.

In 1968, Plymouth introduced it's all new coke bottle body
style and new low budget Musclecar called the Road Runner
that took the Musclecar world by storm.

The Road Runner overshadowed every musclecar offered
from any of the big three, even the GTX.
The GTX continued through 1971 in the Plymouth line -up,
offering it's exclusive 440ci. mill to all that wanted

luxury and big performance. In 1971, the GTX and
Road Runner for the first time ever had their
own platforms, no longer sharing the Belvedere platform. 

The 1971 model was redesigned from headlight

to taillight, with an exclusive chassis built specifically as
a 2 door model, with styling cues that focused on
brute performance that gave the GTX a true definition
of performance.

With offerings like G60x15 Polyglass
tires that were the largest ever offered on a
production car up to that time, An Air Grabber Hood
that opened at the moment the driver flipped the
switch on the fully equipped Rallye Dash, A Slap Stik
shifter that allowed you to ratchet through the
gears with no chance of missing a single shift,
Bucket seats that held you in place during every shift,
Exclusive badging and striping that let everyone know
the Boss was back for 1971.

This 1971 GTX is one of only 2211 equipped
with a 440 and an Automatic Transmission. Options
are Black Vinyl Top, Air Grabber Hood, 15 inch
Rallye Wheels, Hand Painted Side Stripes, Gull-Wing
Spoiler, Super Trak Pak 4.10 Dana, Power Disc
Brakes, Slap Stik Automatic Shifted Transmission,
Bucket Seats, Slotted Exhaust Tips, all wrapped in
FJ6 Sassy Grass Green. This GTX also wears over
85% of it's original paint and components.
Receiving a complete mechanical overhaul and
new seat covers, other than these minor enhancements,
this GTX is as delivered for it's Upstate New York roots.

This GTX also competes in the SuperCar Races
American MuscleCar Racing Series. The SuperCar
ShootOut is a Factory Appearing Stock Tire Race
class that focuses on the original intent of Stock
Appearing Racing. In Stock Appearing trim, the GTX's best E/T was
11.37 E/T @ 122 MPH on Treaded Polyglass Tires.

In 2019, the GTX is being changed over to its original born with #'s Mill.

Don't think for a moment that this will side-line the GTX.

Stock still means performance for this GTX. Compression for the GTX will be
10.50 to 1. A Cam Supplied by expert Jeff Paterson, Heads worked by
Danny Dalena.

Original #'s Matching Born with 440 Mill.

Correct 1971 440 Heads 346 Castings

Back in the day

This GTX has been on my must-have list since the first day I saw in back in 1991. You see,
the President of North East Hemi Owners in 1991 Owned this GTX.  In 1991,
Tom Quadrini brought this GTX to the Allentown Hemi Meet.

He towed the GTX in behind a 1973 Imperial. From the time Tom unloaded the
GTX to the time he left, he managed to
boil off the rear hides. That was the day
I marked the GTX on my mental list and said, one day I'll own that

It took many years and 4 Owners, but that day came in 2016.

As found in the 80's by my friend Tom Q.

This GTX is a Survivor. It maintains over 85% of its Original Paint,
Chrome, Vinyl Top, Emblems, Decals, Wheels, Trunk
Accessories, Engine bay, and undercarriage.
This GTX has been preserved for the future
Mopar hobbyist to research and debate how
Muscle Cars of the era were built.