1971 RoadRunner
3.54 Dana, 4 Spd.

Re-Birth of the Bird.

On a beautiful Wednesday evening in August of 2016, Macy and I decided to take the Road Runner
out to the Southington Music on the Green for some Italian Music and a Car Show.

On our way there about .90 miles from our Home we were met with destruction.

An Elderly man cut out in front of us, I swerved over as much an I could but he hit
us in the Front Fender. Everyone was OK, only the Road Runner Suffered Injury.

The Decision was made to strip the Road Runner down and repaint the
complete outer shell.

Having no luck locating a perfect rust-free Fender. I took a gamble and went
to the only place I knew would have a fender for the Road Runner, The Mopar Nat's.

I left CT late Thursday night for Ohio. I made the front gate of the Nat's at 7am Friday morning. By 9am,
I had two fenders in my possession. I bought the first one I came across, a San Diego Rust Free 72.
Then I walked the next row of the swap meet, and found a perfect 71 Arizona Fender, so I ended up with 2 fenders.

Kevin and crew at Central CT Autobody put Macy's FM3 Road Runner to the side and
repaired the damage to the Road Runner and gave it a complete repaint.

You see in 1971, B-5 Blue is unique to this year. This Road Runner was never quite the
right shade of B-5 Blue. So, problem solved, it would now be the correct color blue.

Thank you again to Kevin and his crew for taking control of the situation and
 bringing back the Road Runner even better than ever.

As featured at the 50th Birthday / Anniversary of the Road Runner Carlisle PA.