1971 RoadRunner 440+6BBL 3.54 Dana, 4 Spd.

In 1971 Ma Mopar took the B-Body to the next level.
They decided to make it sleek and slippery. They knew the
end of the Winged Warriors was close, as Nascar started penalizing
them for being too aerodynamic with restricting intakes,
carburetors and making them carry extra weight etc..

Chrysler Corp. knew they had to act quick. They designed a car
that could slice through the wind almost as good as a Super Bird.
They widened the stance of the car, they also widened the wheel and tire capacity so the car could run low to the ground.

Unlike the previous Belvedere / Satellite, the 1971 model was its own. It could only be had in a 2 door htp. Satellite. It no longer shared sheet metal with the 4 door. The 1971 model was designed to be a 2 Door. With this in mind, the designers worked to refine the look of the body,  no longer having to worry about how the car
would look in 4 door trim.

All of their work paid off. The 1971 Satellite Roadrunner
was named U.S. Car of the year by Road Test magazine.
It was given great reviews by many other automotive publications.

Once again Chrysler hit the mark. They designed the
next Roadrunner to continue on as the leader of the road.
Richard Petty took the 1971 Nascar championship in a 1971
Satellite Roadrunner. Plymouth Roadrunner bodies were
being fabricated as Funny Cars for Drag Racing in NHRA / IHRA.
The big boys were opting for these bodies over the '
Cuda because of how slippery they were.

Plymouth also optioned the car to cost less
than the 1970 Roadrunner. But, did not compromise the
standard power options needed to keep it king
of the Street and strip. All of the big gun motors were back
to do battle in 1971.

My Roadrunner is 1 of 127 Roadrunners Built with the
385 HP 440+6 Mill, Hemi 4 Spd. with Pistol Grip Shift,
Dana rear end.

Interior features are, B-5 Blue bench seat int. Rallye Cluster with
factory tachometer AM/FM Stereo, rear window defogger.

Exterior options are B-5 Electric Blue Paint, V1X Black
Vinyl Top, 15x7 Rallye Wheels with G-60x15 Goodyear
RWL tires, Rear Slotted Exhaust Tips With Rear Bumper &
Valance Black out Stripes, Hood Tie Downs,
Front Valance Spoilers & Rear Go-wing.