1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
360-4V Automatic

While most people think of the Wrangler as the prototypical Jeep,
many grew up with a very different icon of Jeep: the Wagoneer.

This large, go-anywhere wagon predated American Motors, and was made
well into the Chrysler Corporation era.

The Grand Wagoneer was driven by families, chief executives, foresters, and many
others, the Jeep Wagoneer provided a high degree of creature comfort for a
vehicle that could traverse a stream or boulder field.

An American Range Rover, the Wagoneer carried strong Jeep engineering under its skin.

The Grand Wagoneer continued its 1970s look and body through out its production. 

Grand Wagoneer came with standard Selec-Trak four wheel drive,
and room for six passengers, For 1990 the Grand Wagoneer also got a flash-to-pass
feature on the stalk headlight control, and side-marker turn signal flashes.