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440-6BBL 4Spd. 1969 1/2

A12 - Roadrunner

Most of us wish we still had the car we purchased
new. Especially those of us that had hot muscle
cars. Well, Uncle Bernard {Bo} did not have to
wish, he knew to keep his 1969 440 6BBL Runner.
My father in-law, Dalton, and his brother
Bo worked at Secord Chrysler Plymouth in 1969.

When Uncle Bo saw the 440 6BBL Runner on the
Car Hauler,  he decided to take it for a ride.
At that time he knew he had to have it.
As soon as he took delivery of the  Runner,
that weekend they were off to Connecticut Dragway.
With a set of Cheater slicks  mounted on
Crager SS's, the Runner was making passes in
the mid 12.00s. Of course, working on these great
cars for a living probably made a little difference.
I am happy to say that the Road Runner is on
permanent loan to the Rapid Transit Collection.
Uncle Bo & Aunt Barbara have given me the
Honor of restoring their Prize Road Runner &
showing it with Pride.
The Road Runner underwent a complete restoration
that was completed in July of 2006 just in time
for the Chrysler @ Carlisle Event
Uncle Bo's Runner is equipped with the A12 Package a
4 Speed Gear Box, Wood Grain Wheel, Tachometer,
AM Radio and a Blue Deluxe Bench Seat Interior.

Cruising in the Big Beeper!

Uncle Bo, Aunt Barbara and I

Uncle Bo Putting the Power to the Pavement with
Aunt Barbara riding shot gun.

The Drive Home From Portage Lake, Maine when I took
ownership in November, 2001:
- 497 Miles
- 9 Hours
- 12 Miles to the Gallon
- Avg. Speed 70 MPH
- With 4.10 Gears
= Fun!!!

Ralph's Rapid Transit Featured at
America On Wheels Museum
Grand Opening in the Spring of 2008
Allentown PA

Pictures of the Restoration
Bo's Roadrunner has undergone a full Restoration.
To View pictures and Details of the Restoration click on the button