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I found this car at a Midas Shop. I stopped in to take a look, and was floored by what I saw. I looked the car over, not bad I said to myself.  Well, then I went and took a peek at the VIN, and that's when I just about fainted.

 Yes, you probably guessed it by now. This was a real V code car SIX PACK. Ok, maybe I went overboard, but it is not every day that you see a 1971 440+6 SuperBee at a Midas Shop.

I went into the Shop and asked if a Mechanic owned the car, or if it was a Customers Car. They told me a customer was having some work done to it. And, that they would tell the owner I was interested in the car if he wanted to sell it.

The owner called me a couple of days later. I told him I was interested in looking at the car, he said sure come on over. Well, when I got to his house I saw it on the front lawn. That's when I knew I had a story for CARS IN YARDS. The owner has owned the car for over 18 yrs. He is very nice to talk to and will one day restore the car. I guess!!

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