Challenger SE
1970 383 Auto


In 1970, if you wanted to be Dodge Material you had
to look at the all new Challenger. This Pony Car had
it all, you could order the Challenger how ever you
wanted. Dodge made sure that no one was left
behind. The Challenger was available in many
different combinations. You could go with a basic
225 Slant Six Mill up to the Powerful 426 HEMI.
In the middle was a great balance between power
and comfort. This model was known as the Challenger SE.

The Challenger SE model was a Quiet Giant in the Pony
Car war. Dodge Equipped this Model with all the
comforts you needed to look good. And if you knew
how to use the order form, you also had enough power
to walk all over your run of the Mill Chevy 396,
Pontiac 400. Even those 390 Fords were no match
for a 383 powered Challenger. The 383 Mill was
the same used in the GTS's of 1969 and the bigger
Super Bees.

Let's not forget the reason for ordering an SE Challenger...
The Comfort and great looks that were standard options
on this model. The SE came with a Gator Grain Covered Formal Roof,
Rich Leather Bucket Seats, Argent Grill with a matching
Rear Argent Finish Panel, Front and Rear Bumper Guards and a
host of other options that certified you as