1970 FM3 Road Runner 
383 4v Auto
Road Runner Engine Assembly

Macy posing with her assembled 383 Road Runner Engine. Complete machine work
was done by Danny Dalena at his Machine Shop in New Britain CT.

Macy enjoys spending time with her grandparents all summer long. I had told Dalton
I was going to have Danny Dalena do the assembly work of the Road Runner Engine, Dalton
said he would assemble the Road Runner Engine. Once Macy found out Grampie was
going to be putting her Road Runner Engine together, she asked, "can I help?"

Macy did more than just help, from installing the bearings and applying the
correct amount of assembly lube, to guiding the connecting rods down through the cylinders.

Macy making sure the rod bolts didn't touch the crank journal.

This was one of Macy's favorite things to do.

Macy applying the correct Hemi Orange Paint.

Looking good!

Grampie and Macy posing with their Assembled Road Runner Engine.

More Assembly