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1970 Road Runner
FM3 Reconstruction

Metal and Body Work

Before we sent Macy's Road Runner to the Master Blaster. Macy cleaned and Vacuumed the Road Runner out.

Note the FM3 Paint of the rear package tray and No trunk floor.

The rear or the Road Runner needed complete Metal refab. Kevin used mostly Original parts
and AMD parts where originals were not available.

Full Quarters, Original Deck lid and Original rear tail light panel.

Original hood and fenders were located. The hood and a fender came from
Billy Atwood and the Other fender came from Arizona.

Kevin putting the final touches on the engine bay.

One of Macy's favorite trips was to check in on the progress.

Reinstalling the Coupe B-Pillar after the floors and door latch sections.

Moving along at a quick pace!

Fantasizing of what it will be like to drive her Road Runner

Beautiful work by Central Connecticut Autobody

Progress Check!

From This to This

Prep for Paint