1970 FM3 Road Runner 
383 4v Auto


September 23, 2014, I was the lucky winner of an E-Bay Auction
for a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. Not just any run of the mill
Road Runner (if a 1970 could be run of the mill). The Road Runner
was located in Syracuse NY.

I contacted the owner and we agreed to meet and exchange funds for
the 1970 Road Runner once I confirmed the car was what he claimed
 it to be, a 1970 Road Runner that was originally finished in FM3 Moulon Rouge,
Powered by a 383 Road Runner Engine, with a 727 Automatic.

I arrived in Syracuse very early in the morning.
The Road Runner was stored on a wooded parcel close to a lake.

With my first look I knew this was a special Road Runner,
one of only 44 ever built. All of the tell-tale signs were there.

We pulled the Road Runner out and headed to a plaza to unload
the Road Runner off his trailer and onto mine.

This Road Runner still has many of its original options intact as noted
and verified on it's fender tag. Column Shift Automatic, AM Radio,
Hood Pins, 3 Spd Wipers, Light package, Manual Heavy Duty Brakes,
Hood Performance Stripes and the list went on and on.

In speaking with Owner he had not owned the FM3 very long, only
 a year or so. He purchased the Road Runner from a local collector who saved the car
from a Texas Salvage Yard.

The Road Runner had extensive body panel damage. AMD would be brought in
to take car of all the sheet metal and floor issues.

Look at all that FM3 paint in every area that the factory would have applied
the amazing hue of paint.

This picture not only shows the FM3 paint but it also shows a
part that should not be on this Road Runner. The Firewall to
the right of the brake master cylinder is a plate that is used to
attach a clutch pedal to this Road Runner. Could it be, this was
one of only a very few Pistol Grip four speed Road Runners? Or maybe even
rarer a 3 Speed Road Runner? No, it's not a stick car, this is an original
A727 Automatic Road Runner.

In 1970, it was not uncommon to see this plate on a Lynch Road built B-Body Automatic.