1966 Belvedere I HP2
426 Hemi A727 Automatic


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This Belvedere I Spent all of it's life in California and was purchased
by me in 2005 and stored till June of 2007, when I dismantled the Belvedere
for Restoration.

The Body is 100% Rust Free and needed body work
to remove the dents it had accumulated over the years.

After Dismantling the Body, I sent the Belvedere off to the Master Blaster
for a complete stripping from top to bottom.

Off to Central Connecticut Auto body for a complete Body Massage.

After being at Central CT for four months, the Body was ready
for Paint and then Reassemble.
The Belly of the Plymouth was also treated to a Fresh Coat of EE1
Midnight Blue Metallic.

After a week of taping, the Body was now ready for Kevin Carroll,
Owner of Central CT, to apply the Base and then Clear to the Perfectly
Straight Body.

Kevin and Cal up all night, Sanding and Polishing the Belvedere to perfection.

At times Kevin had to remind Cal who was the Boss. Cal would polish
the Belvedere to perfection, then decide to go over the whole car
with 4000 grit and repolish till he was satisfied with the finish.

Kevin reminded me that the Belvedere would need one Final
wet sand and buff prior to being raced. "It must be perfect", he said.

March, 15 2008
Time to start Assembling the Belvedere. Aerospace Components
Disc Brakes fit perfectly inside the stock 14 inch steel wheels.

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