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1966 Belvedere I HP2
426 Hemi A727 Automatic

1966 is the Birth year of the Street Hemi. Tom Hoover Perfected his Baby
and gave it a Home in the  Fender Wells of the newly designed B-Body.
Mr. Hoover knew he had A Special Engine that in the right hands
would clean house at every event, just as the Race Hemi he
perfected two years prior did.

When Plymouth decided to put the Hemi in it's newly designed B-Body,
they gave their buyers many choices from bare bones no frills to a
completely loaded plush model. This proved to be murder for the
racer in the other lane as well as the poor man that decided to give
Grandpa's Sedan in the other lane a go at it on Saturday night out at
the Pike.

When first introduced, this Sedan did not say Hemi on the fenders
or deck lid. It had two letters and a number mounted on a small
3/4 by 1.5 inch plaque- HP2. Many asked, "What's an HP2?'
Plymouth was not advertising their Hemi on the Fender like
Dodge did with Big Numbers underlined by the word HEMI.
They came up with the formula "HP2". The H represented
the great word HEMI the P was squared so the first P was
Power, the Second was Plymouth.
"Hemi Powered Plymouth"

A Hemi Power Plymouth Sedan Body in 1966 Cleaned
up Super Stock with Jerry Stahl at the wheel. A Hemi Powered Plymouth
Sedan won almost every Drag Race and Street race it entered
on any given weekend back in the day.

A Hemi Powered Plymouth in Sedan Form has been credited as the father
of the Best Muscle car to ever come out of Detroit- the Road Runner.

During the 2009 Chrysler @ Carlisle event I was honored to have Super Stock great /
legend Bill Stiles Autograph the air cleaner and the glove box of the HP2.

Mr. Stiles drove a 1966 Hemi Powered Belvedere I to multiple victories in 1966.
One of the most Feared Car & Driver on the east coast that year.

Best E/T to Date 11.13 E/T @ 124MPH

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