Ralph's Rapid Transit Hauling Fleet

1996 Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel Auto

Purchased new in the Fall of 1996 from Fred W Smith
Dodge in R.I. This Ram was loaded with all the right
options for towing.

The Cummins Power and Fuel Economy are second to none.
I had the Ram tuned by Jannetty Racing out of Waterbury, CT.

Ted Jannetty bumped the horsepower to over 275 and the torque
through the roof. All this was done and no fuel economy was lost.
Teddy over at Jannetty's has the formula that keeps the balance.

On average the Ram receives 26 MPG unloaded. Hauling an
open trailer with a Musclecar on it, the average is 18 MPG.
Whe we hook the big box on the back the average is 14 MPG.

*1996 Dodge Ram 2500 8 Ft Bed

*12 Valve 359 CI Cummins Intercooled Turbo Diesel Tuned to over 275 HP

*3 Inch Non Restricted Exhaust

*High Performance Air Intake

*Jannetty Performance Tuned

*4 Spd. Automatic with aftermarket Valve Body and HD Lock-up Torque Convertor