1969 Road Runner Convertible
383-4V A727 Automatic

BEEP!!! BEEP!!Goes Topless!

    In 1968 Plymouth introduced the Road Runner. 
They produced 44,549 Road Runners in the first year of production. Chrysler knew they had a hit right from the start. 
    Not wanting to lose any of the momentum, they expanded the 1969 model year to include two new models. The first was the introduction of the
Road Runner Convertible, then in mid year they introduced the Road Runner 6BBL (Known as the A12 Package). Both models were a big success.
    In 1969 Chrysler produced 2,128 Convertible Road Runners. This was the highest run of Chrysler Muscle Car Convertibles ever. 
    Today, as well as back in the day, many feel that the 1969 Road Runner was the True Definition of a muscle car . The 1969 Road Runner was Motor Trendís Car of the year and out sold any other year Road Runner.
    This Road Runner Convertible is 1 of 1111 Built. It is very rare in color and options. It is equipped with a 383 4 BBL Mill. Options include N96 Air Grabber induction, Power steering Cooler, Tachometer, Light Package including fender mounted turn signal indicators and Kelsey Hayes 15X6 (Recall Wheels).
Power Train Specifications
Engine Size 383-4 BBL 
Horse Power 335 HP 
Transmission Type A727 Automatic 
Axle Ratio 3.23- 8.75 Chrysler

    The Color, although not rare for the era, is very rare for a Muscle Car of the day. Sand Pebble Beige was unheard of on a Muscle Car. The interior is Saddle, Trimmed with Bronze. 

The Trip Home from North Dakota!
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