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     This was cowboy Country, the Wild West, complete with tumble weeds and a road runner or two (the bird, not the car). The Big Sky and wide open spaces were almost too much for a couple of New Englanders to take in. As we drove towards Powell, the Rocky Mountains loomed in the distance, framing our view. As we got closer to Powell, the anticipation grew. Was the car in the condition that the owner described? Would it be all that we expected? We arrived in Powell and met up with the owner at his garage. He had an impressive collection of cars. He was obviously a longtime Mopar Enthusiast. With excitement, we asked for a complete tour before getting down to business.

     After exploring his entire shop and large car collection, it was time to view the car wed driven so far to see: A 1972 RoadRunner/GTX, still wearing its original paint, a true survivor. And considering that it survived in such extreme, harsh weather and road conditions (Did I mention the roads? They were equivalent to driving your car thru a sandblasting booth, for hundreds of miles), it was surprising that there could even be any paint left on it. It had its dents and dings; it sported the patina of time and real miles. However, considering it was used, driven the way God and Chrysler intended, it was in remarkably good shape. So, a deal was struck, hands were shook, money exchanged, car loaded on the trailer, Thank Yous and well wishes on both sides, then we hopped up in the truck and were off.

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