Ralph's Rapid Transit Hauling Fleet

1995 Serro Scotty Ram 3500 Cummins Turbo Diesel Auto

This past summer was filled with traveling, staying in hotels, campgrounds
and Hotel Dodge. On our way to the Mopar Nationals, we decided
it was time to think of an alternative to the above mentioned accomodations.

As we were driving, I told Sharleen that I had a plan. I continued to tell her
how, in the mid 1990's, a company converted Dodge Heavy Duty Truck Chassies into
Class C motorhomes. We talked about it a little on our way to the Nat's.

While at the Nat's, I was walking thru the car corral, and in typical Mopar Nat's fashion, there was a 1993 Dodge Serro Scotty Motor Home 24'.  I went over, took a look and spoke to the owners. We talked about how it pulled, fuel mileage, etc.

On Sunday, as we were pulling out of the Nat's, I spotted the old Serro Scotty
Motorhome in the car corral and asked Sharleen if she wanted to see it.

Single Wheel Load Relieving Tag Axle. Fully Dressed OEM Chrysler Corp. Wheels

After a thorough look at the layout, Sharleen loved the concept of it. It was a little too worn for us, but if we could find a newer one with less usage and fewer miles, then we'd consider buying it. We both decided this was the best way to travel to all the shows, races and vacation
destinations we wanted to visit. The green light was given and the hunt was on.

The Eleven hour trip home from the Nat's was a breeze. The conversation
revolved around how great it would be if we owned a Serro Scotty. And,
how much money we would be saving by not staying in Hotels.

The Hunt Was On

Once we got home, we fired up the internet and started searching for a
Serro Scotty. we found the one we had seen at the Nat's on line and another
one that was used up.  We went over to E-Bay and started our investigation.
At first glance, it look great!

At second glance, it looked to good to be true. Once I called on the Serro
Scotty and spoke to the owner, Mr. D, I knew this would be the one.

After a conversation with fellow NEHOA member and Serro Scotty owner, David E, who gave me some helpful tips and advise regarding purchasing a used motorhome, as well as what to be checking in the structural integrity and components of the motorhome, I then called Mr. D
and sealed the deal. The next call was to the travel agent, I needed a one
way ticket to Nebraska!

Mr. D and the Misses right before turning over the keys for my 1400 mile trip back to CT.

At my first of not very many Fuel stops, I was followed into the station
by a Dodge Pickup hauling a vintage slide-in with a tag axle. He made
his way over and said, "I never knew Dodge made one of these!". He took
down all the info and said, "I need to get me one of these. Want to sell it?"!

I explained to the gentleman that I had just purchased it and was on my way
home to start enjoying it. He wished me a safe trip and we were both on our way.

1400 miles went quick. The Serro averaged 14.80 miles to a gallon of fuel. Best was 15.50
and worst was 14.00 in tropical wind storm Luke.

*1995 Dodge Ram 3500 Cab n Chassie Extra HD Dual Rear Wheels

*31 Foot Serro Scotty Class C Motorhome

*12 Valve 359 CI Cummins Intercooled Turbo Diesel Tuned to over 275 HP

*4 Inch Non Restricted Exhaust

*High Performance Air Intake

*4 Spd. Automatic with aftermarket Valve Body and HD Lock-up Torque Convertor

*Single Wheel Load Relieving Tag Axle

*Extra Heavy Duty Hitch. Rated to pull 11,000 Lb Enclosed Trailer

*Upgraded Chrysler Corp Chrome Wheels