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440+6  4 SPD.

Plymouth wanted only one thing when they made this car, Richard Petty.
This was the only thing that would make him come back. Mr. Petty was not too
happy with Chrysler for not letting him race the slick new Dodge, so he went to the
blue oval and that left Plymouth without a big time driver. Well, in mid 1969 they showed
Mr. Petty what they had in mind if he came back, and the rest is history.

The 1970 Plymouth SuperBird is the wildest car to ever come out of Detroit.
Racing bred and wind tunnel designed the car was a winner on the design table.
Chrysler exec's were not to happy with the looks of the Daytona so when they
started working on the Superbird they wanted a slick car that was refined
and had the look of a winner.

My Superbird is the 83rd car made. It is equipped with a 440 C.I. Super Commando V-8
and 6 BBL Carburation. A Hemi 4 speed gear box tied to a 4.10 Dana rear helps
this Bird get up and go. The car is painted and restored to factory specs. The build sheet
is stamped Nascar (as all birds were) . Also, the fender tag reads Special Handling Car.
It appears that this SuperBird was to have special care taken to it as it was
being assembled.

The Restoration work was done by the previous owner from Texas Jim. The car is
in very good condition and runs very well. Thank you, Jim, your work is top notch.

I drag Raced the Bird in September of 2006,
The Bird's Best E/T Was a 13.80 @ 103MPH with a 2.10 - 60 Ft.



A 14 year Journey to the
Daytona SuperBird Clubs, 
35 Anniversary
Meet at Talladega Speedway
October, 1 thru 3 2004.