Featured In
"Hemmings Muscle Machine Top 12 Musclecar of 2006"

"Hemmings Muscle Machine" Magazine August  2006

"Hemmings Muscle Machine" Calendar 2008

1970 426 HEMICUDA 4SPD. 

Ralph's Rapid Transit Featured at
America On Wheels Museum
Grand Opening in the Spring of 2008
Allentown PA

What Is It?
Pure Horsepower!

What Is It?
426 Reasons why ford & chevy lose!

What Is It?
It's BAD!

What Is It?
It's Awesome!

What is It?

What Is It? This was the number one asked question when the 
Hemicuda hit the road in 1970. Chrysler outdid themselves with this hot ticket. The Hemicuda was and still is the most desirable muscle car ever built. Many cars may try to  claim the throne but the Hemicuda is king.
The Daytona Beach Florida Plymouth Dealer knew exactly what the
owner of this Hemicuda had in mind, "no one will mess with me". The original owner ordered this car text book perfect. 426 HEMI, 4 speed with
pistol grip shift, 4.10 dana super trak pak, rubber bumpers, console, power disc brakes, and of course the FE5 red paint &  black interior makes this Hemicuda the king of the pike.