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1970 Hemicuda in Yellow Twist 

1970 Hemicuda in InViolet Purple

1971 Cuda Promo with a RoadRunner / Duster box.
(The 1971 Cuda came with a plain white box as seen below)

1971 Cuda in Sassy Grass Green

1972 Cuda in Rally Red
(1972 was tha last year for the Cuda promo)

There are allot of people out there that believe that Plymouth made a 1973 Cuda promo? And there are allot of people out there trying to sell 1973 Cuda promos? The truth is, they never made one. I know what your saying now " But I have one that looks like the one pictured above"? The car that is pictured above is a kit that came out in the '80s. A snap fit kit that when put together looks like the real thing. Except there are no year marking on the license plates, The screws that hold the chassis to the body are not the same that were used in the '70s and the rubber tires are not from the correct  period. 

1974 Cuda Promo in Rally Red released in the late '80s
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