1968 426 Hemi Auto 
Road Runner Coupe

When Plymouth introduced its line up for 1968, no one would've thought
that a Small Black and White Bird on the upper front corner of the
door would become as popular as it is today. 1968 was the true beginning 
of the Plymouth Muscle Car, four passenger sedan, no comfort options, 
BIG motor, bullet proof components and a Horn that went Beep! Beep!! 

The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner, when first introduced, was bare boned
with no fancy chrome trim. The 1968 Road Runner came with Pop Out
Side Glass, Manual Mirror, 5.5 inch Steel Wheels and Dog Dish Hub Caps.

The Power Bulge Hood carried only two types of call outs, 383 and the
Four Letter word that is worshiped by all that know a thing or two
about Muscle Cars: HEMI. Just like that, in BIG Bold letters. If the
hood said HEMI, you looked for someone else to pick on
that night out at the Pike. Not because it was a sure thing that the 
HEMI would walk all over you; but if the Rebel behind the wheel 
knew a thing or two about tuning the Great Elephant, you had no chance.

This 1968 Hemi Road Runner belongs to My Father In-Law, Dalton.
Dalton purchased his Road Runner at the 2006 Mopar Nationals.

Dalton's Road Runner Is Finished in QQ1 Bright Blue Metalic With a
Silver and Black Gut. It is power by the legendary 426 HEMI,
727 Hemi Torque Flight Transmision, Power Disc Brakes, 
Super Trak Pak 4.10 Dana, AM-Radio and Tach.

This Road Runner is 1 of only 377 factory Equipped with a HEMI and a 
Torque Flight Transmision and is also an Early Production Model. 
The Road Runner wears all of it's original sheet metal and interior components. 
 It only had 36000 miles on the odometer when he purchased the Road Runner.

 My father in-law is the baddest, coolest, strongest, funniest man to come out of Northern Maine. There are many many stories about this man and they are all true

      Back in the '60s Dalton worked for Secord Chrysler Plymouth with his brother Bernard. Dalton's other brother Darrell  worked at North Line Dodge in Houston Texas. Dalton had a new 1968 Dodge Charger RT 440 auto and his brother Bernard just purchased a 1969 440+6 4 spd. Roadrunner. Well, to this day, Dalton remembers most of the cars he worked on. In fact, we were at a cruise night a few years ago and a man found out that Dalton worked at Secord Chrysler Plymouth. The man asked if he remembered working on a green 1969 Hemi Roadrunner that this man purchased new. Well, did he remember? He sure did! He went on to tell the guy that he remembered the man would always come in for a valve job and  request Dalton do the work, and after he was done setting the valves, Dalton would take the Roadrunner and pound the $h!t out of it.

In 2006 Dalton Sold his 1968 Hemi Super Bee that he purchased in 1992. 
The Superbee was equipped with a King Kong Hemi, Automatic Transmision,
Tinted Glass, Tic Toc Tak and AM-Radio. 

Dalton was tired of polishing the Rich Black Paint and decided to move on
to the 1968 Hemi Road Runner you see here.  Dalton's hard work on the Super Bee paid off, 
as his Superbee has been featured in High Performance Mopar Magazine,  Hemi Muscle Magazine and has won many Prestigious Awards.