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1972 DODGE DEMON 340 4 BBL A727 Automatic.
 The Devil made me do it!
The devil made me do is what Mr. Norm told magazine writers back in 1972. Mr. Norms Dodge Demons are in a class all their own. Grand Spaulding Dodge took over when Ma Mopar was looking to get out of the muscle car wars, and thank the Lord they did. Grand Spaulding Dodge gave these cars life. They knew exactly how to set them up, 3.55 gears, cold air induction, headers and superchargers. But not only could they make them run, they also knew how to option them out so they looked great while burning up brand X.

Sharleen with Mr. Norm @ Mopar Nat's 1997
This Grand Spaulding Special is owned by my wife Sharleen. She purchased the Demon in 1991 when we were dating.  The order form for this car was amazing; Black on Black on Black with Black Stripes
This was only the beginning, the options list goes on to read: Black sizzle stripe, cold air induction, sill moldings, belt moldings, dual chrome racing mirrors, wheel lip molding, chrome exhaust extensions, rally wheels, power steering with tuff steering wheel, power disc brakes, console, bucket seats and automatic transmission {the go wing is owner installed}. You may think this is were it ends, but no the Demon's vin # starts in the Fives, This is most likely the last 340 Demon built in 1972 {per galen}Galen }.
Just like Mr. Norm said, the devil made me do it one last time!
The next chapter of this Demon's life will include time on the 1320. I am in the process of building a 416 Cubic Inch 340 to go Factory Appearing Racing with it. The Demon will run in the SuperCar ShootOut. Look for pics of the build in the spring of 2009. Ted Thompson (Engine Builder), with the help of Small Block Guru Jeff Patterson, have a brew figured out to make this Demon rise to the top of the Factory Appearing ranks. 
 Demon SuperCar Build