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1970 FM3 Road Runner 
383 4v Auto

It’s Pink and it’s a Road Runner!

In 1970 Plymouth division was doing everything right.
With the introduction of the all new Hemicuda, the redesign of the
Road Runner with a special SuperBird model for the King,
Plymouth division was firing on all 8 cylinders. 

Well into production of the 1970 Model's, Chrysler decided to offer
two new High Impact colors for the spring of 1970, one of those outrageous
colors was coded as FM3. It was called Panther Pink if you applied the color
to a Dodge model and Moulin Rouge if applied to a Plymouth.

The Color was not a subtle shade of pink but instead a bright deep color that looked amazing when applied to the curvy B-Body Plymouths.

 This 1970 Road Runner is one of only 44 ever produced in FM3 Moulin Rouge.
This Road Runner was equipped with a N0G: 383 335HP 1-4BBL Mill.
Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission, Deluxe Vinyl Bench Seat,
Road Runner Decor Package, OS RH Manual Standard Mirror,
LH Remote Mirror, 3 Speed Wipers, Hood Tie Down Pins,
Rear Spoiler - Wing Type, Radio Solid State AM, Performance
Hood Treatment, Tranverse Stripes, Black, Rallye wheels with Good Year
polyglas F70x14 tires.

 This Road Runner was found and rescued from Texas Acres
Parts and Salvage in 2006 from an enthusiast in Upper State NY. 

My Daughter Macy and I purchased the Road Runner in the Summer of 2014
and began the restoration process. 

Fender Tag

J81 M21 R11 V21 V8X END
 FM3 A87 G31 G33 J25 J45
 FM3 H2X9 TX9 305 010511
E63 D32 RM21 NOG 20****

Click on the links below to follow the complete
restoration of Macy's Road Runner

Paint Page 1  Paint Page 2

Assembly Page 1 Assembly Page 2
Road Runner Engine Assembly
More Assembly
Road Runner Engine Install
Road Runner Final Assembly