1973 Cuda 400 Rallye

My 1973 Rallye Barracuda was probably one of my favorite
cars. I bought the car from one of my employees for $400.00
The Barracuda was very solid, The car came with a 318 ci.,
Slapstick Automatic transmision, Bucket seats and a
Rallye Suspension. It was Petty Blue W/ Blue Int.

I tried to sell the car to my friends for what I paid for it but
know one wanted it! So one night one of my friends and I
were thinking of the way it should of been built by Ma Mopar.
Why not a 400 engine? Why did't they keep the Shark sill
moldings on as an option? Why did they discontinue the Go Wing & the
chin sploilers? Why do we need to have these ugly bumberets?
So that was the night I decided to build the car they should of built in 1973.

Well this is what the finished product looked.
I had a 1969 383, that I sent out and had board to a 400 ci. I ordered a
484 purpleshaft from Ma Mopar.

I purchased a 71 go wing from a friend of mine. Found
the chin spoilers, sill moldings and some other key parts to complete the project.
mean while the body went to a friend of mine, he cleaned the body up and applied a
coat of B-3 Blue ( Ice Blue Met.) paint. I called legendary thay sent me a new white gut.