1967 GTX HEMI 4 SPD. 4.10 DANA



This GTX  was the beginning of my addiction to the sacred  Mopar name plate. I purchased this car in May of 1988 from a local seller. This car helped me learn what Mopar really stood for. Owning a Mopar is  not a chore, it is a privilege that only a few lucky people can experience. I found this out in the first year of restoring / restifing / street racing / cruising and meeting other addicted Mopar owners. There are only to words that can describe this car and they are 
My GTX was sold new in Worcester Mass. at Bancroft Motor sales. 
The GTX was optioned with only one thing in mind and that was 
DRAG RACING! It's options are a 4.10 dana rear end
{ from the factory}, a four speed transmission, and a console
mounted tachometer. The GTX came through with deluxe 
hubcaps and whitewall tires. The color combination is what
I feel makes this car. It is TT1 Med. Copper Met. with a
TT1 Med. copper Met. interior. 
 North East Hemi Owners Meet Fall 1997
Lincoln New Hampshire

September 9, 1966 Stamping on Block (On Starter Ear)