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1970 Road Runner Convertible
383 Road Runner Engine 4V Automatic

New Styling for America's Favorite Bird.

In 1
970, Plymouth Design Studios didn't hold back. The very Basic 1968 & 1969
B-Body Belvedere was given a face lift for 1970
A new front with
 chrome/ stainless surrounds, new fenders quarter panels with
scoops, large tail lights that spanned across the tail.

 One of the biggest updates was
the Air Grabber option, in 1970 a switch
below the dash actuated a vacuum servo to slowly raise the forward
facing scoop, exposing shark-like teeth on either side.
 “High Impact” colors, with names like In-Violet, Moulin Rouge, and
 Lemon Twist, were options available for 1970.

The engine lineup was unchanged. The 383 Road Runner Engine
was standard with the A12 M-Code 440+6BBL now being an
option (V-Code) and the ultimate option was the 426 HEMI.

A heavy duty 3-speed manual became the standard transmission,  making the 4-speed
topped with a Pistol Grip Shifter an option, along with the TorqueFlite automatic.

1970 was the second and final year of the Road Runner convertible,
with only 834 total Road Runner Convertibles made.

This 1970 Road Runner Convertible is one of 429 built with the
383 Road Runner Engine and an Automatic Transmission.

Options include P6K4 Burnt Orange Bucket seat interior, AM Radio,
Air Grabber Hood, Power Disc Brakes, Power Steering, 14 Road Wheels,
LH Remote Chrome Mirror, 3 Speed Wipers, Belt Molding, Canada Build.

This Road Runner was sold new at Check Point Chrysler Plymouth, Niagara Canada.
The Original Owner bought the car off the Show Room Floor, Drove the Road Runner
as his daily transportation and weekend drag strip warrior.

In the mid 70's, he spun a bearing on the original Road Runner Engine. At this
point he removed the 383 and decided it was time to go racing, serious racing!
The Road Runner was treated to a repaint from the EW1 to TX9 Black Velvet
The original top was dyed black. 70's era pin striping was added as well.

The biggest upgrade was the installation of a RACE HEMI, and a 4.10 Dana rear end.
The original owner kept the car till his failing health made him sell the Road Runner
to a Canada mopar Collector. In the Spring of 2018, I finalized the deal and brought the
Road Runner home to the Ralphs Rapid Transit Collection.

My goal is to eventually return the Road Runner back to it's as-delivered look. In the
meantime, the Road Runner will be shown at local and Nationals shows. I would love to
have more original pictures of the Road Runner from it's Drag racing days.

Off to the 2018 Mopar Nationals to be featured in the
50 Years of the Road Runner Invitational.

In Period-Correct Raced Condition and Paint from the mid 1970's

2018 Mopar Nationals

If you remember this Road Runner and have any additional
information or pictures I would love to hear from you.