The 1966 HP2 Belvedere I you see here is going to be restored to
perfection and then raced in the SuperCar ShootOut.
1966 Belvedere I HP2
426 Hemi A727 Automatic
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 The HP2 is progressing well but not a pace that I am happy with. A couple of road blocks happened in April. First, my Chrome Taillight bezel, hood ornaments, roof trim etc. are all in Chrome Shop Prison and waiting to be released when they get caught up. Second, considering the economy, I don't want to charge up the credit cards to get the HP2 done. I have many of the parts needed to go forward but am missing some key parts needed to get the HP2 on the Track.

Gary Aug was brought in to make sure that stopping the HP2 would be
no problem. Gary made sure I had the right parts installed into the right slots.

The List of items to complete shrunk considerably in April. Tranny Lines-
Installed, Shifter Linkage Missing Parts located- waiting to be refinished,
Engine Wiring Harness- Installed, Hook up Manual Fuel Pump- Done.
Hoses, Wire looms, Clutch Fan- all Done.

Side Glass- Done.

Headliner- pre installed, waiting for Roof Chrome
to be installed, then final stretching.

Dash- restored and waiting for headliner to be completed before being installed
into HP2. Locks- installed. Side Trim- Installed, Splash Panel- installed.

Grill- Found in New Jersey from a 66 Hemi Belvedere that was removed from the car in 1968,
before being sent to the scrap yard. Cleaned and Installed.

Steering Wheel found and dropped off at Central CT
Autobody to be repaired and finished in Shiny Red.

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