Ralph and Sharleen's Road Trip.
Short on time, Big on Adventure
By Sharleen Barbagallo
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Finally! North Dakota, here we are!

It was a long drive to Fargo across a vast expanse of Minnesota prairie. After traveling down some very long dirt roads, we finally made it to the home of the man from whom we were getting the car.

A very long dirt road. Watch out! Don't chip the paint!

The car was just as he described, so the paperwork was signed and the keys were turned over to Ralph. Then we waited. You see, Ralph wanted to make sure that our trip home would be as uneventful as possible, so he mailed a package to the man's house with tools and parts that might be needed if we had any car trouble on the journey back to Connecticut. But, the package hadn't arrived, and UPS said it was in the truck, on it's way. So, we looked at the other Mopar Iron that was in his garage, talked cars, and waited. And waited. Finally, in the fading light of the day was a distant dust trail (reminiscent of old Road Runner cartoons, only slower in speed), could it be the UPS driver headed down the dirt road to deliver our package? Yes!!!

Our new car and it's former family

Now we could drive the 300 miles back to Minneapolis. It was 7:45 in the evening. Ralph still thought this was no problem, energizer bunny that he is. But, I was beginning to have serious doubts about making it back to Minneapolis that night. I was getting tired. Now I had to drive at night, with just myself in the car to keep me awake (yeah, right), following Ralph, back across the blackness of the prairies. I called Laura and told her not to wait up for us, as we might not be to her house until the early hours of the morning. We drove and drove and I swear, the numbers on the mileage markers along side of the highway never went down. We were never going to get back, and I was ready to pass out. So, we pulled off into a rest area and took a nap. And awoke to thunder and lightening and Ralph pulling his hair out. He did not want to get caught in a rain storm with his new convertible. What if there was hail, what if the car leaked? So, we high tailed it out of there and finally made it back to the airport, returned the rental car, and drove to Laura's home about 1 hour south of Minneapolis. We got to her house about 4:30 in the morning, and it was such a welcome sight. She left a light on for us, and the guest bedroom beckoned us with a turned down bed and a side table set with a pitcher of water and drinking glasses. That bed looked so heavenly, we collapsed into it and dozed off.

Laura and Greta
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1969 Road Runner Convertible
383-4V A727 Automatic