Ralph and Sharleen's Road Trip.
Short on time, Big on Adventure
By Sharleen Barbagallo
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This place was cool!!

After we soaked in all this history, we were off the the last museum we planned to visit that afternoon, The National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States. Fortunately for us, it was housed in two large buildings directly in back of the Auburn Cord Museum. The buildings were originally factory buildings of the Auburn Automobile Company. The first building was the Service Building used for factory service, test-driving automobiles and distribution of parts. The second building was the L29/Experimental Building. The upper level was used to prepare L29's for shipment after assembly and the lower level was used for experimental cars and the construction of prototypes

This Museum was sprawling, musty, rambling, and fantastically unorganized. It was like going on a treasure hunt in an enormous basement of a very old home that's full of both junk and treasures.

The first Hemi Cuda ever built

Cars leaking oil, with flat tires, covered in layers of dust, exotics, dirt track racers, stock cars, drag cars, rare muscle cars (including the first Hemi Cuda ever built!), vehicles from the early 1900's to the late 1990's and everything in between, and almost every vintage International Truck and vehicle produced.

Looking for a place to eat in Auburn, Indiana

We explored every nook and cranny until they turned out the lights and told us it was closing time. After such a full day, we had worked up quite an appetite and looked for a local eatery. Problem was, all the local places weren't open for dinner on Sundays- and I think I saw the sidewalks rolled up and put away, as well. Fortunately, near the highway we found Uncle Bob (Bob Evans' Restaurant, to the uninitiated) and had an enjoyable meal. As we ate, we wondered why we were so sleepy. It seemed that soaking up all that automotive history and driving top down on those back roads, soaking up all those warm rays was intoxicating!

So, when we finished our meal, we decided it was time to sober up.
Up went the top, and back onto the highway we went.

We drove all night and talked about all that we'd experienced and discovered since leaving North Dakota two days earlier. The car purred like a kitten, drove like a top and gave a comfortable ride.
When we pulled into our driveway early Monday morning (October 1st), Ralph and I looked at each other and realized we had driven 1930 miles and never turned on the radio! So, there in our driveway, we clicked on the radio and listened to a tune before ending our adventure.

Oh, by the way, you know that box of tools and parts we waited for UPS to deliver in North Dakota before we could head back home? We never even had to crack open the box!

The End

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1969 Road Runner Convertible
383-4V A727 Automatic

By Sharleen